Catering To Residential Projects

Repair Your Driveway

Noticing some cracks on your driveway or pathway? You can repair them easily with Asphalt Joint Tape from Bitumen Care Australia! We work with various residential clients across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and cities nationwide, providing an easy, affordable and effective fix to common asphalt cracks around the home.

We can supply tapes in 15-metre rolls, which are perfect for your next DIY project. We can also work with local companies for projects that require larger repairs to help build a new driveway for your property. To place an order, send us an email or give us a ring on 0400 378 404.

Sample Tape On Asphalt — Bitumen Care Australia in Logan Village, QLD

How Do You Use Asphalt Joint Tape?

As the name suggests, Asphalt Joint Tape essentially works just like a regular piece of tape. This makes the process incredibly convenient, safe and efficient, and the results are highly aesthetic. No specialised equipment is required for installation. Unlike other repair methods, no heating tools are needed as the tape will automatically adhere when the surface is hotter than 15 degrees Celsius. We recommend that clients use their feet to step across the tape once fully laid down to ensure it’s properly adhered.

Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a ring for more information. Find out today why the award-winning Asphalt Joint Tape is a popular choice amongst local contractors!