Benefits of Our Products

Why Use Asphalt Joint Tape?

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Prevent Water Damage

The raking of asphalt is a very specialised skill. Most team members can obtain a correct level, but it is not quite a skill to be able to work the “fine” material out of the asphalt into the joint to obtain a quality edge joint.

Sand sealing does not provide a long-term solution to joint sealing and is messy, unattractive and potentially dangerous when leaving a loose surface on the road. The use of AJT Asphalt Joint Tape will ensure water does not ingress the joint due to poor raking.

Save On Time & Money

Apart from the obvious cost savings in preventing future pavement failures, our product can be used to reattach cats eyes and other road markers. Most patches require removal of these markers as they are in or are right next to the patch.

Often these are not replaced and require a separate crew to come back to the site to install. Depending on the location, this may require reestablishment of traffic control and is a very expensive exercise for the replacement of a few markers while joint sealing the patch.

Aesthetic Pleasing Finish

AJT Asphalt Joint Tape is a completely different product to hot pot crack sealing. It’s installed differently and designed for use on repaired patches, not for ‘wiggly’ lines or larger existing cracks.

It would be a lot more expensive to have a ‘crack seal’ crew come and seal patches due to reestablishment of traffic control and cost of another crew. The tape also provides a neat straight edge and is more aesthetically pleasing then the application of hot pot crack seal with a wand.

Tape On The Asphalt — Bitumen Care Australia in Logan Village, QLD