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Repair Your Road or Driveway

When you need a simple, effective and affordable solution to repairing the cracks on your driveway or road, get in touch with the team at Bitumen Care Australia. Based on the Gold Coast, we supply our high quality, award-winning Asphalt Joint Tape to clients nationwide. We are proud to offer a long term solution to short term problems, helping you save more time and money.

Our tape can be used in civil, commercial or residential projects, as it offers a seamless and aesthetic finish. We cater to orders of all sizes, with pick-up or delivery available. To place an order, call us on 0400 378 404 or send an email today.

Achieve A Seamless Finish

At Bitumen Care Australia, we began importing Asphalt Joint Tape when we noticed a demand for a better asphalt sealing product. Our experienced staff worked with a team of manufacturing technicians for many months, working hard to refine the current technologies available. We are proud to say that we supply one of the most effective solutions to repairing asphalt cracks and degradation.

To put it in perspective, a single worker can install up to 15 metres of tape in under 2.5 minutes! That’s because our tape can be installed easily, with no heat guns, blow torches or other special equipment required. All it needs is for the surface to be above 15 degrees Celsius, and the tape will naturally adhere for a smooth, seamless finish. What’s more, once laid down, the tape can be driven on immediately, which means you won’t need to hire costly traffic control that can cause disruptions on the street.

Want to learn more on how to properly install our tape? Our Gold Coast team can come to you to provide demonstrations and training!

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After working with the Gold Coast City Council, we are proud to say that we were awarded with the Local Government Innovation Award by the Australian Road Research Board. Place an order for our award-winning tape today!

Civil Works

Catering to civil works of all sizes across the Gold Coast, we supply our tapes in various lengths and dimensions. You can also choose a made to order option to ensure a natural, seamless finish.

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Has your driveway got unsightly cracks? We supply 15 metre rolls that are perfect for Gold Coast homeowners and DIY’ers. Simply lay down the tape over the crack and you’re done! Contact our team today to place an order for pick-up or delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three locations on the coast, an office in Southport, Runaway Bay and our main office/depot is located at Logan Village Depot. Feel free to pay us a visit or get in touch to arrange an onsite visit from one of our friendly team members.
For any unused tape, make sure to store them in a well-ventilated area that is cool and dry. If placed in a container, ensure the lid is sealed closed.
No special equipment is needed for installation unless the road surface is below 15 degrees Celsius. Basic PPE attire should be worn for all occasions. This includes proper work footwear, high visibility clothing, heat protective gloves, safety glasses and masks. If working in a confined space, ensure suitable respiratory equipment is available.