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On Going Asphalt — Bitumen Care Australia in Logan Village, QLD

Affordable, Safe, Simple

Here at Bitumen Care Australia, we began supplying our award-winning Asphalt Joint Tape after noticing demands for a safer, cheaper and easier solution to repairing asphalt cracking and degradation. Working from our Gold Coast offices, we began refining the current technologies available, and after many months working with a team of manufacturing technicians, Asphalt Joint Tape was introduced to the Australian market.

Our tape doesn’t require high heat or any specialist equipment for installation. What’s more, it can be laid down quickly and the end result is seamless and aesthetic. Loved by both civil and residential clients, we were nominated by the Gold Coast City Council in 2020 and were awarded the Local Government Innovation Award by the Australian Road Research Board.

Nowadays, we supply our tape to clients across Brisbane, Sydney and all other major cities across the country. To place an order, get in touch with our team today.